Why You Should ACTUALLY Listen to the Customer Buying Your Software

There is no doubt that I could find about 6 different types of software that would each best handle what I need for managing a small business. Plenty exist, but most specialize in just one type of function. One for payroll, one for doing taxes, one for producing the best invoices, one for CRM, one for inventory, and one for time clock. The problem: who wants 6 different types of software? They’re all a pain in the hoo-hah to have to figure out, and half the time they don’t even produce what you want them to. When are these companies ever going to get it right? All they have to do is listen to the customer. 

Believe it or not, the customer ACTUALLY knows what it is they want. I know, it’s just mind blowing to think in such an irrational manner. But I bet they wouldn’t mind picking your ear in telling you how frustrating your current software is and what will make them able to better run a more efficient and productive business.

Now, I bet you have it in your mind, “Wait. Slow down a second. How exactly do I find out what they want?” 

Listen buddy, I didn’t say it’s easy. But, maybe if you actually did some research like the rest of us you’d come across some great results. And if you don’t like research, go out in the field yourself, and ask for answers. 

Luckily, I came across a phenomenal Market Analysis thanks to Software Advice. The survey targeted Field Service industry software buyers who were looking for a new software for their business. 

Although there were 17 desired functions in future Field Service Software, I’m only going to list the top 5. 

1. Scheduling 
This includes how to schedule employees for different locations of jobs. Who should be 
taking what job and where exactly from an employee standpoint. It was the most desired
functionality with 81% of survey respondents saying they would like it. 

2. Routing & Dispatching 
Corresponding with the scheduling feature, buyers want a feature that will provide smart
guidance to the employees in picking the best and most efficient route possible. Maybe even save you a few bucks in gas too. A total of 66% of survey responders want this feature.

3. Customer Resource Management 
A place to be able to organize your entire customer base. This will help close a deal, manage leads, and just push a customer through that sales funnel. Some applications already have this, but it isn’t satisfying many of the buyers business needs. 51% chose this feature.

4. Billing & Invoicing 
Probably one of the most frustrating things about current business solutions would be their inability to produce an adequate invoice and sustain business owners’ billing needs. This feature needs to be made more efficient in sending, receiving and interacting with customers over it. About 43% need this to be an improved function of their next accounting solution. 

5. Mobile Device Access 
64% of Americans owning a smartphone. That just includes those over the age of 18 (let’s not forget all of those 10 year olds who are getting an iPhone for getting an A on their book report). That is a very high number. Why not be able to access your business tools from anywhere on the go? This is really no longer becoming a desired feature, rather more so an expectation of buying a business system. This is wanted by roughly 25% of the survey respondents. 

So, there you have it. The main 5 desired functions of future field service software as requested by small business owners themselves.

Maybe, instead of moping about why people aren’t buying your software, you should take a look at exactly what it is people want to buy. 

Oh, wait and you’re welcome.

If you want to see the full report you may do so here.