Stuck On Cloud Nine or Using The Cloud? Your Choice.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

The phrase I hear over and over when I am trying to teach my mom how to update her status on Facebook, or show my Professor how to send a text message or even just trying to explain the concept of the iPhone to my Grandma.

Let’s face it. Technology is part of our everyday life and if your business can’t evolve with it, you’re probably not surviving much longer. Accounting is moving in the same way, and even faster than we may think.

The Cloud is one of those concepts that if you can’t understand the capability of a smartphone, than you certainly won’t understand the Cloud. But to make it short and sweet it is a safe and secure place to store and transfer data back and forth on the Internet at a low cost. This is the future of Accounting whether we want it to be or not.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices will become the main tools for accounting professionals to manage their own work in addition to client services. In turn, the integration of these devices will enable more flexibility around when, where, and how the work gets done. Mobile connectivity will allow CPAs to work more efficiently and exchange information with their clients much more effectively.

Cloud technology will completely automate everything, specifically data collection, resulting in improved data quality as well as less time at work and more time with your family. Being in your office will become much less important in the coming years, allowing you to work from your home, the car, or even on the beach. The Cloud is radically revamping the accounting software marketplace.

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Clients’ future expectations will include quick, real-time support which will begin to be substituted through virtual support offered by accountants handling your business accounts online.

The Internet will become the backbone to everything within the financial industry. This means say goodbye to 20 feet high stacks of documents on your desk for the accountant at the beginning of each year, and say hello to…well, your online live-bookkeeper. Clients will be paying for access to applications and software through their accounting firms rather than meeting with them in person.

The bottom line…the future of accounting and bookkeeping is going to be all digital. Instead of whining, moaning, and being bitter about it, you can get a head start and slowly ease into it by calling Osprey Accounting at (203) 271-2340 and we can get you started! It’s very easy and simple-we do everything over the phone and online so you don’t even need to meet with us (unless you want to see our beautiful team members by which we are located at 166 Main Street, 2nd Floor in Old Saybrook, CT). We provide our services to anyone and everyone from the Northeast to California and everywhere in between!

New to the Cloud? Not a problem! We will walk you through how to use it step-by-step. Just like a young osprey, your business can’t soar until you decide it’s ready to leave the old nest behind!