The Meaning Behind the 'Quick' in 'Quickbooks'

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is assuming that the words “simple. easy. quick.” refer to all customers today. When was the last time you heard one of these words “reliable, accurate, timely, or useful?” Right. I can’t remember either.

Some business owners are under a false impression of what the phrase “work smarter not harder” represents in meaning. They assume that working harder means you’re automatically working smarter which is often not the case. As a business owner, you should be good at multi-tasking and be able to wear many different hats all at once. With that being said, why can’t your bookkeeping and accounting reflect that as well?

Intuit’s Quickbooks is a great example of holding you back from being able to effectively maximize your time along with the potential of your business. Wearing many hats, there is not enough time in the day to complete everything by yourself as a small business owner. Yes, it has been the most popular small business accounting software for the past 20 years but, only because nothing ever challenged it. Until now.

You want your business to be ran as efficient as possible and how can you do that if you’re not maximizing the amount of time you have available and putting it back into your work so that things can get done in an accurate AND timely manner?

Quickbooks held 94.2% of the market share for business accounting software in the middle of 2008. Now, Quickbooks only holds 80% of the market share having lost several users to other competing cloud-based accounting companies and it is beginning to drastically move downhill.

So why should I step away from Quickbooks, you ask?

Here are just five reasons!

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1. The manual entry is killer.

Quickbooks requires manual entry into several different systems. As a small business owner who needs to sit down and manually enter ever single piece of the accounting and bookkeeping, I’m sure you understand this pain. It is aggravating and tedious especially trying to make sure it all matches up in meaning.

2. It takes too much time.

The problem with how basic and simplistic Quickbooks is designed, is that it will only do what you input it to do for you. If you hate all the time it takes you to sit down and try to figure out what part of Quickbooks you actually need to use and how to use it, you definitely should invest in something else. Its simplistic nature, most of the time, is too simplistic and often takes up more time to sit and enter in every single little thing than it would to invest in another service.

3. “What other option do I have?” -Asked by every Quickbooks user in the last 20 years.

There are plenty. You aren’t stuck with Quickbooks as your only affordable option. Your best option would be to call us and ask us any questions you have and we can help guide you along the way to easing the headache the accounting gives you.

4. Advertising.

Nothing is worse than when you’re typing in an invoice and three pop ups jump out at you recommending invoice paper to buy, more checks to order, or just a new type of feature to add on to your monthly fee you pay already!

5. Reading the Fine Print.

You know that box you check off saying you have “read and agree to the terms and conditions” even though you never read it? Well, Quickbooks throws a few extra catches in there. They’ll throw a “free month of technical support” or “free accounting advice” into your cart but, fail to inform you (well, in a decent manner) of their fine print: “following the first month your credit card will be automatically charged $14.99/month, if not cancelled.” Then they make it an even more difficult process to cancel the subscription. It just shows how little they actually value the customer, and what they would do to nudge another dollar out of you.

And there you go. Quickbooks is no longer the “best and only option” for small business accounting. Business owners want more of a customized system for their business needs rather than a fully generic simplistic system such as Quickbooks. They offer too much extra “stuff” that is irrelevant to most users and businesses.

In comparison, Osprey Accounting, works off of words such as “stress-free, timely, accurate, and personal” because the biggest difference that sets us apart from Quickbooks is you get your own personal live bookkeeper available to you. You just hand over your books to us and are then able to let us take care of the rest.

So don’t be afraid to step away from Quickbooks!

Unlike Quickbooks, we pride ourselves in being 100% US based.  Don't worry about pressing 1 for English, or even being transferred to a support center over seas. We're here in the United States to take your call for support at any time!  

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