To Beta or Not to Beta, That is the Question

Summer has winded down, vacations are over and the weather has gone from hot humid days to cool crisp mornings. Many of us take the summer to relax, unwind, and have fun with family and friends, not really focusing 100% on business or real life situations that could make or break your business. With the focus back on work, now is the perfect time to make a SMART decision for you and your business.

My Internship at Osprey Accounting

 Matt Reims and I have worked together for the past three years at a restaurant in my hometown. When he told me about Osprey Accounting, the company he and his brother, Chris, had started, I was intrigued. I have a strong interest in Entrepreneurship and I like to take advantage of experiences that are related to entrepreneurship.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Books Out of the Red

    No one plans on their business being in the red. To say that “it just happens” is so wrong. It’s plain and simple a business’s numbers plummet into a deep red due to lack of good accounting and bookkeeping.

    There are plenty of ways to avoid it though. Two top reasons businesses fail are due to poor accounting and the lack of a “cash cushion” when they would need it in an emergency to help them stay afloat or just break even. 

    Here are 10 ways to be sure to keep your books out of the red, and to help your small business stay in the air, not on the ground.

Why You Should ACTUALLY Listen to the Customer Buying Your Software

There is no doubt that I could find about 6 different types of software that would each best handle what I need for managing a small business. Plenty exist, but most specialize in just one type of function. One for payroll, one for doing taxes, one for producing the best invoices, one for CRM, one for inventory, and one for time clock. The problem: who wants 6 different types of software?

5 Steps for Mastering Your Elevator Pitch

How are you supposed to shrink down years of your hard work, dedication, and stress that you put into your ‘baby,’ into just 60 seconds? The answer isn’t that simple, but Shark Tank has made it evident that it is able to be done. Getting investors to fund your startup is one of the most challenging steps you will encounter when it comes to the different stages of a business. So what is the key to success?

The Meaning Behind the 'Quick' in 'Quickbooks'

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is assuming that the words “simple. easy. quick.” refer to all customers today. When was the last time you heard one of these words “reliable, accurate, timely, or useful?” Right. I can’t remember either.

Why OutSOARcing is Smart!

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to Osprey Accounting is a much lower cost than hiring a full or part time employee. The average salary for a bookkeeper is $40,000 per year.  Once you factor in payroll costs, health insurance, vacation time, and the cost to hire and oversee an employee you could end up spending on average $56,000 per year. But what if you could spend as little as $1,200 per year? That's saving almost $55,000.  Can anyone say brand new car?